So my friend asked me...


My friend is too lazy to make an account so I’m asking for him… he asked me if the champions collection genesis (the hubstack genesis/genesis+) comes with what the regular genesis comes with (YYF Multitool, extra bearing, extra response pads) … he was also asking if pairing the violet w/ black splash hubstack genesis with clear dicestacks looks good… if not tell me what color dicestacks looks good with the colorway so I could tell him… don’t worry about nubs I’m sure he would probably buy some too…


For the love of everything good in this world, PLEASE POST IN THE RIGHT SECTION! But seriously, it’s a colors. Just tell him to choose what he likes;we don’t know his preferences.


Ok Captain Overreaction, calm down.

I think clear would look good. But black, white, or violet would look better.


Dice stacks just look terrible to me. I think they make yoyos look tacky. :confused:


One of the worst threads ever.





To your friends original question I’m not sure, that’s a better question to email YYE about.

About the color question, I think black stacks would stand out more on the purple but still match. But clear, white, black, or purple would be good.


Just pick the color that actually matches the colorway…

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