So much love...


Recently I’ve been getting a lot of comments on how nice I am. ( I am?) I’m surprised!

I didn’t know I’ve helped that many people, I really didn’t. One person called me amicable. Good word! :wink:

I have to give a thank you to this community. You guys are the best . I am ever grateful. It’s been really fun to be on these forums to help out, be helped, or just talk some yoyo!

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

yeah dude your epicly awesome!

You don’t get told you’re nice unless you are ^^ You’re definitely one of the nicest, friendliest, most helpful and most amicable (;)) people on the the forums.


Thanks guys!

(See what I mean?)

I recieved a pm stating that I was an “awesome god” then I got a pm stating there was a typo and that i was an “awkward mod.” Somehow I feel so deflated! ;D (just joking, never happened) I think I’ll stick with the first statment, it just works for me. (lol)

I was under the impression that mod and god were interchangeable :wink:



They aren’t?

Sorry to disappoint, but indeed they are not. sigh