So...Black Friday?

Any word on what’s going on sale here?

Wait for Cyber Monday.


Get the same deals while sitting in bed on an iPhone at 10:00 lol

There’s two different sales on YYE on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

If anyone remembers from last year, what were the sales? I heard it depended on how much you bought but not sure the exact numbers…

If memory severs correctly, and you can go back in the blog on the main page.

$100+ 10% off
$150+ 15% off
$200+ 20% off

                    $50 = 10%

i thought it WAS 100+ = 15%

So if I spend $1000, I can get 100% off? Just kidding. $200+ is limiter for upper end discounts.

I wish!

Seriously, there are good deals. I’m just tapped out. I’m holding out everything for an AL7 Quake. That and a Puffin 2 and Bonfire when those drop and/or I have funds.

YYE has had some amazing sales this year, some borderline insane. I know a lot of people have been saving up. This looks like a fantastic time to be buying.

Dlack friday is: spend this amount of money get this much off. Cyber Monday is buy these two yoyos get 50% ish off. (if that makes sense at all)