so 1 question about the genesis..

so im looking into buying a genesis but ive heard the problems about the response rubbing to much against the string and i know that it fits dv888/pgm size k pads and heres my question
if i put k pads in it would the pads be slightly recessed like the dv888?
has anyone tried it like that if so how does it play?

thanks guys ;D

Where did you hear that? My genesis doesn’t do that.
And yes it would work because I did it and it worked by I prefer silicone itself.

My genesis has a center-trac in it, so I have no problems with the side rubbing. I also threw in some RTV silicone and it works great!

some reviews
also good to know thanks ;D

but the mainanswer im llooking for is the if it has the recessed pad look

Yeah it does cuz you can put silicone in it soooo…