Snap Start with the Shutter.

Anyone else having trouble snap starting the shutter? I feel that it’s too big or is it just my grip? They say snap your fingers and it’s impossible!

I can snap my fingers. So what I’m I doing wrong?

Can you snap start other smaller throws? snap starts are bit tricking to get going. I never felt that there was a single trick too it though. Just a lot of doing it and you will get smother with faster rpm’s off the snap.

I find throws with a flatter rim to be easier to snap start (sideways), best candidate I have for doing such being my Wooly Marmot 2, gives the best grip. With practice I could probably do just about any. I need to work on getting a stronger snap anyway…(After seeing an old video of Andre doing a nice strong snap into a gyroscopic flop…how?!?)

I can’t snap my finger but I do it like more of like opening a door knob really hard if that makes any sense. Shutter is one of the easier ones to do it with but flatter rims are the easiest such as the Summit or WM2.

I couldn’t snap start my shutter at first too, but now I can do it just fine. It’s easier to just try to spin the yoyo as smooth as possible by a gently snap or just simply rotating your wrist (like the mentioned opening a door knob), soon you’ll be able to add more force and snap starting without any problem.

The “twisting a doorknob” is actually how I do it. Strangely enough, that’s also how I throw breakaways. I know it isn’t “correct” (I can’t turn my arm all the way to the side and throw it “normally”) but it has worked rather well for me for the past several years I’ve been throwing. Maybe I can incorporate that harder twist into my snap start, ultimately being able to do a basic trick before binding :slight_smile:

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Start on something much smaller i learned on a one

cmehere and AG have got it-- you don’t need to literally snap exactly the same way you snap your fingers. Over time it might get more and more like that, but for now, a rapidly-twisted doorknob is all you need.