Smooth & Stable


What is the best bearing,pads ,and lube to make yoyo stable?


Best bearing? What it came with is fine.

Pads: stock works great.

Lube: Clean the bearing first, then dip a needle or pin in thin lube or VM4, touch to one or two balls, spin, repeat, spin. Then replace the shields if desired.

I prefer to Terrapin X Dry Play treat my bearings. You need to clean using acetone to do that treatment.

Now, go work o your throw. That’s the only ting that will help you give smooth spinning yoyos.


No part can make a yoyo more stable, smoother however is debatable. In the sense the string glides across the bearing smooth all you need is a clean bearing, stock is more than fine. But if you mean smoother as in vibe there is no best bearing its on your preferences but anything can be corrected with a good throw. Pads and lube make no difference in these two categories. Pads will give you a nice bind but generally don’t affect play unless they’re sticking out of the pad/silicone reservoir. Lube…man there’s such much stuff about lube. Less is more in this case and affects bearing speeds and in most “beginner” cases, response. You want one drop of whatever on one ball after its been cleaned and that’s it. Be sure to keep it away from the response area as in some cases the response will absorb the lube.