Smile :)


We all have terrible, stressful or other imperfect things that happen in our lives. It’s always important to remember to laugh and smile. Though trying to think about what possibly could have been positive about the incident, it’s important to come up with something good that happened in each of your days.
That being said, I challenge this forum to post once a day for the next year, 1 thing that made their day a little bit better. You, as an individual don’t have to post every day, but hopefully someone will post everyday :slight_smile:

(major_seventh) #2


Today I was given a teddy bear. The meaning behind it is very powerful. Though it brought about other emotions, it did make me smile. :slight_smile:


Going out to eat with my girlfriend tonight!

Also found out that a bunch of my old high school friends are going airsofting this weekend and I was invited! Super excited :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting. :grinning::peace_symbol:️:heart:️


Today I’m going to give my valentine a box of chocolates. Just the thought makes me smile;)


I got a bracelet for Valentine’s Day from my girlfriend, wearing it today and makes me smile whenever I look at it :slight_smile:


My organic chemistry teacher announced no class tomorrow! :slight_smile:


I ran a 5:50 mile today so I’m pretty happy about that :grinning:


Nice! I ran one under 10 minutes in like 8th grade and I was pretty happy :wink:


Wow that amazing congrats. :confetti_ball:

    Today I got my flyaway on a bar!( I'm a parkourist and a freerunner)

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I’m in the 5:00 club too, but mine was 5:59 :o Thank goodness.


My sister was home today from college so I got to talk to her! :slight_smile:


I got my Tokyo Marui Hicapa 5.1 out today to shoot around to make sure it was all working :slight_smile: it’s been a while!


Went airsofting today with my girlfriend and other high school friends! Great time seeing everyone and tons of fun!


Visited my Grandma today. It always brightens up my day. Plus she will cook my favorite food on thursday =)


I finished my 3rd genetics test today! Felt so great to just get done with it! Now it’s time to worry what I got on it… :blush::flushed:


I was in organic chemistry lab today. We were doing TLC (for those who know what that is) and when one girl was using a capillary tube, she got so nervous that she snapped it in half and some of the solution went on the sheet. She asked the instructor a question about it. He ended up jokingly saying, well hopefully you don’t want to be a surgeon if you get that nervous. She was like “well actually…”

Everyone, including the girl, busted out laughing.


Finished my third organic chemistry test today! Thank God! Scared to see what I got but I guess we shall see… :wink: so happy it’s over with :stuck_out_tongue:


Last full organic chemistry 1 lab today! :slight_smile: they are really fun labs but none the less it’s nice to be done :slight_smile: