Smile! (New video)


This is a new video where I just had plain fun making:


Did you steal my Purple/Gold M1?

Oh…my rims are sanded.

Where did you get that M1?

Anyway, awesome video, very entertaining, and it shows what yoyoing is about, having fun.



Haha, its actually pink/yellow.

I got it in a trade from my friend Justin for my G5 at 1:30 AM. He literally came over at 1:30 and we traded right then and there.



It looked so much like my M1. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I would have kept the G5, it was your first metal, I don’t see how people trade those away. Sentimental value will make me NEVER trade my DNA.

(SR) #5

AWesome video as usual, Samad!


great video but its samad… would we expect anything less??


That video makes me Smile :).


That’s a nice video! Your friends are funny like you.

Happy Throwing! =]


Nice video Samad!


Awesome as usual.