Smile! (New video)

This is a new video where I just had plain fun making:

Did you steal my Purple/Gold M1?

Oh…my rims are sanded.

Where did you get that M1?

Anyway, awesome video, very entertaining, and it shows what yoyoing is about, having fun.


Haha, its actually pink/yellow.

I got it in a trade from my friend Justin for my G5 at 1:30 AM. He literally came over at 1:30 and we traded right then and there.


It looked so much like my M1. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I would have kept the G5, it was your first metal, I don’t see how people trade those away. Sentimental value will make me NEVER trade my DNA.

AWesome video as usual, Samad!

great video but its samad… would we expect anything less??

That video makes me Smile :).

That’s a nice video! Your friends are funny like you.

Happy Throwing! =]

Nice video Samad!

Awesome as usual.