Small Photo Shoot Today

My girlfriend had a photo assignment to get finished and she thought I would be the perfect subject! It was pretty fun but nothing super special, it was a quicky. =p Here we goes.


Look at that thing spin, you can’t keep your eyes off of it, LOL!!! I dig the photos, tell your girly there awesome!!! Also, how do you like the way the string plays?

The string was actually pretty awesome, I finally broke down and had to change it since I’ve been playing with it non-stop. It felt good with the yoyo.

Yeah, we thought the pics came out pretty sweet too. Even though it was so overcast today we still got a small wave of color mixed with the spin. Thanks Mike. :slight_smile:

Im gonna guess thats a color changing FHZ? Nice pictures, the first one is my favorite.

That it is! If the sun was out I’m sure the pix would have had more color to the FHZ but you can still see it. I also have to agree, the first one is my fav w/ the last one a close 2nd. I love B&W photos.

Awesome! That was the first string I have made in months, I got lazy and picked up a 100 pack of YYE strings so I haven’t made them in some time now. I’m glad you liked it.

Indeed it is. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Great Photos !!! ;D