Best video I’ve made to date. Any comments or criticism would be appreciated.




Sweet. ;D What yoyos were you using?


It says in the video description…


Oh sorry never saw it


Well just to clarify it was a Harrison Hurricane BvM2 and a delrin Severe.





(UmeNagisa) #9

I saw the title.
I was hoping so so hard. That it was BMTH
and when i heard the first split second.
Oh my lord. You sir, have Great taste in music.

and you have beautiful Grinding skills my friend.
I respect anyone who still does grinds :slight_smile:


Finally, someone comments on the music ;D. And thank you, I 'preciate it!

(UmeNagisa) #11

I tried to cover some BMTH
But alas, my Yell technique is rubbish

and no problem :slight_smile:


I thought the same thing actually! I saw the title and thought “wouldn’t it be cool if he actually used BMTH…”

Turns out you did… and it was cool. Very cool. ;D


Thank you!



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