Slaughter of Dolphins and whales in Japan

Seeing as many members of yoyoexpert, and the yoyoing community are japanese, i thought this would be a good place to spread the word.
Please spread the word, and help out to stop the killing. If you have the free time watch “The Cove”, its a great documentary on the actions and events that go on.


I like my dolphin tuna free….

Oh bother, not these people again. Every time I see a “save the aqua-mammals” campaign ad or sticker, I just want to cry.

Most of the Japanese yoyoers are on Japanese forums. It’ll attract the attention of Japanese Americans like me, but the majority of them won’t see this. Japanese Americans don’t eat Dolphins by the way.

I support all organizations that are working to stop the killing of these dolphins and whales and have for many years now.

Dolphins are one of my all time favorite animals and since childhood, I have always been fascinated by them. Support the cause guys. Thanks for the post soccerdude, mega props from me.


I don’t think killing whales is right but the Whale Wars tv show is completely idiotic. One, the whalers aren’t illegal, two, the Sea Shepherds are hurling freaking butyric acid at them!