Slack Tricks

I’m looking for some slack tricks to learn (hard ones not like trapeze and his brother slack)

Yuuki slack.


Cheese Whip (it’s more of a move, sets you up on a wrist mount)

Kamikaze mount via whip


I mean like really hard like worlds level tricks

I guess you just gotta invent some, man.

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Organic airbags is like impossible, but if you’re up to the challenge of learning it…

Yeah i love Jensen Kimmitt’s slacks

Will this suffice?  :slight_smile:

I was so excited when i saw riccardo in a tutorial

took me a good while to learn

Thanks! Seems like a good alternate to his other one

The CLYW slack is so sweet! Gonna learn this next most def!

You want “world-class” slack based tricks?

Say no more.

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I can never see your guys link videos. My iPhone opens up a DNS search site

You might like this.

If we’re talking world class and all.

i likey a lot!