Slack tricks in windy places


Have you ever tried doing slack tricks in a windy day? Makes me look like I suck badly.


Yes makes me super mad. I mainly have to do tricks that don’t require slacks. No yukki slack :frowning:


I don’t do much slack tricks so it’s all good for me :smiley:


It can be very annoying. I often wonder what it would be like if it was windy at nationals.


BAC is usually held outdoors so I imagine it would get a bit windy from time to time.



During the SCR yoyo contest there was crazy wind so most of us who competed hugged the clock tower outside to protect us from the wind. It was enraging.


It actually looks kinda cool… Makes the slack looks like its defying gravity


Defyyying gravity!


Make up a new style using wind. Airbender style.


yeah its fun cause then the wind blows in a certain direction and makes for some interesting tricks!!!


Done it before its awsome when you drop into a weird mount


Try a simple shot the moon. :wink:




Peter Pong has something to show you haha



At least you were not using an IYYC Breathe…


I don’t believe it.  :o

(Steve Brown) #17

I don’t remember what year it was, but one of Johnnie DelValle’s BAC routines had some gusts of wind while he was in the middle of slack tricks, and he would just hold the position and pause until the wind died down, then continue like nothing happened. It was pretty awesome to watch the look being held open for like 6 seconds and then just…fall into place.