Slack And His Brother

I am sort of going out of order for a lot of these tricks here and on You Tube, and I decided since I was pretty decent at Flying Trapeze and His Brother, I would try the slack version.

I can get it to spin around and I can catch the loop, but I can’t get out of it easily.

Somehow I keep getting my throw hand twisted and strung up.

Any suggestions?

Here is a link to a video in case I have not really described it well.

As you can see from the video, the slacking movement indeed causes the throw hand to become twisted up, and the string gets twisted, too.

In other words, reviewing the video and then doing the trick myself, I’m having a hard time identifying the problem. It’s a weird grip for sure. But I’m not sure there’s any need to make it more “normal”. I usually try to Ninja Vanish out of it and nothing ends up particularly twisted or hard to deal with.


Thanks, that’s a good idea.

Now if only I could ninja vanish… :slight_smile:

I was thinking of messing with this trick as one of my next batch, so thanks for the input, Greg.

For me, the most convenient way to get out of that position is to do a “ripcord”

after doing the slack you will have a double string going to your Throw hand index.  You basically want to push your NTH index into that double string to pass the yoyo onto that double string.  Repeat that pass one more time, then drop the loop of your throw hand index.  then you will be in a trapeeze.

the ripcord is usually taught from the split bottom mount.  the ripchord from the Trap-bro-slack is basically my favorite trick, more or less.

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For me, I’ve been hopping the YoYo back up directly into a trapeze. It is demonstrated in the following trick, but I will try and make a video that illustrates it better and post it shortly. For now, here’s the link:

The ripcord exit is what I’ve been doing, but I thought it worth mentioning that you can also do a wormhole and then immediately bind (a wormhole is basically a ripcord, and then a reverse ripcord, resulting in an under mount).

yye’s wormhole video:

I learned Ninja Vanish this week, and I’m trying to figure out how you Ninja Vanish from a rotated Slack & His Brother…?

To ninja vanish from trapeze and brother slack you just have to pop the yoyo up from the mount and make sure the slack goes back behind the string you are holding and hooks into the yoyo. It’s a matter of slack control. If you look aroud for tutorials (that I can’t mention because they aren’t yye) it shows how to do the ninja vanish from trapeze and bro slack in slo mo.

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Thanks, I think I found the one you were talking about.