Skyline on YYE?

Why isn’t the skyline sold on yoyoexpert? Anyone know?

The skyline is a YoYoNation exclusive

But they can be gotten at other stores aswell.

I’ll revise, It is “mostly” a YYN exclusive, with a few special edition exceptions

ohh, it would be cool to have it on this site though

why dont they have the m1 either?

YoYoExpert doesnt sell One-Drops in general.

Thats because they need a license agreement, and one drop wants to sell yoyos mainly through their website.

Okay i guess what i said sounded wrong :-[

Let’s keep this civil.

I see what’s coming. We all see what’s coming. Let’s avoid it. ;D

In before the lock!
Ha, just kidding.

Seriously though, lets keep this clean. Don’t point fingers, and for those of you who have read rsmods post and may have interpreted it in a different way, please dont flame :wink:


Skyline is exclusive to a specific store for now.

One Drop Yo-Yos is a great company that for now we just couldn’t come to an agreement in terms of selling.

That is the story for now! :slight_smile: