Anybody hear listen to ska? i am looking for some good bands that i haven’t heard of that are still around.

i have been listening to a lot of catch 22 recently, and before that a lot of streetlight manifesto. i can listen to reel big fish whenever i feel like it. i also like

chase long beach
aquabats (seeing them on friday)
suburban legends
mighty mighty bostones
planet smashers
mustard plug

also, has anyone seen a yoyo video with a ska song? i have seen i think one. i think it was kirby kirchgasler’s. (sp?)

Man, that’s a lot of Third Wave in your list. I take it you’re under 30? :wink:

Just to throw some love at your post…

The Aggrolites (Reggae, but who cares?)
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes
The Specials
Rancid (As much ska as they are punk. Rather, a fusion.)
Toots & the Maytals
The Maytones (Old as all get out, hard to find the good stuff not on vinyl.)
The Selecter (One of the best of the old “2-Tone” revival bands.)
Desmond Dekker & the Aces

yeah i forgot about a lot of two tone and first wave. my friend <3 the specials and desmond dekker

Oh, Canada! by Adam Brewster used the Five iron Frenzy dong “Oh, Canada!”

  • The Kiltlifters
  • Westbound Train
  • The Clash
  • Voodoo Glow Skulls
  • The Toasters
  • Common Rider
  • Operation Ivy

I also really like Riot Ska.

I love Leftover Crack and Choking Victim

i saw the voodoo glow skulls live last night opening up for aquabats

Old ska. More?

Sublime. Oh yes.

Merzbow. Oh wait…

has anyone had this experience:

you are in a group of people and one of 'em asks what music you like, you say ska, and someone shouts at the top of their lungs like it is a life or death situation “ME TOO!!” So you are all like “Oh sweet, what do you like?” and they reply with “Sublime.” nothing else. you ask about other bands and they say “oh yeah they are good, but i dont listen to them much.” they are obviously hiding the fact that they do not know at all who you are talking about. they say they love ska and it is their favorite genre, but all they like is sublime, a band that i don’t even 100% consider ska?

this situation has happened on at least 12 occasions. i like a few sublime songs, but if that is all the ska you know, you dont like ska, you like sublime.

Well, you’re obviously new to Ska. I went through a huge ska phase when I was 17. That was all I listened to.

One word of advice: don’t over listen to it. It gets old, quick. So listen to it only a little bit. Also do your research on it. You listed a lot of 3rd Wave bands. Look up stuff as far back as The Skatalites. So, ya. Do your research and see if it connects to your soul. If so, its deffinently a life long love.

Reel Big Fish are a pretty good ska band.

I like some ska, but normally just the old stuff from Jamaica.