SIZZERP- New video from gordo

Enjoy.  And converting the video files really killed the quality but it’s not too bad.

nice!! Um yoyo name plz

Bear vs. Man.



So good.

that was awesome.I was literally sitting there with my mouth open the whole time. What did you say at the end?

Terror Babies. A joke from worlds…Randy understands it very well. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the positive comments guys.

I thought you said Tore my Panties.

What file type did you start out with? Does your camera shoot in .mov or something?

The only problem I had with that video was the music not matching. Other than that it was rediculous.

Camera records in .mov so I converted it into .wmv. And I didn’t try choreographing the music with the tricks…just wanted to feature a lot of new stuff and throw in a sweet dubstep song with it.