SIZZERP- New video from gordo


Enjoy.  And converting the video files really killed the quality but it’s not too bad.

(Thomas) #2

nice!! Um yoyo name plz


Bear vs. Man.

(202andrew) #4





So good.


that was awesome.I was literally sitting there with my mouth open the whole time. What did you say at the end?


Terror Babies. A joke from worlds…Randy understands it very well. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the positive comments guys.

(Mi) #9

I thought you said Tore my Panties.

(DOGS) #10

What file type did you start out with? Does your camera shoot in .mov or something?

The only problem I had with that video was the music not matching. Other than that it was rediculous.


Camera records in .mov so I converted it into .wmv. And I didn’t try choreographing the music with the tricks…just wanted to feature a lot of new stuff and throw in a sweet dubstep song with it.