My most fun video project yet!! Fixed! Please tell me what you think! Thanks! :P


Hey Everyone, Jordan here!! I would just like to first thank sparhawk for the Fool’s Gold Avalanche that he sold to me!! Now, this was my most fun video project yet!! Please view it and tell me what you think!!
YO-YO’Brien, out!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Video’s private…?


Lol, eels, So embarrassing!! I fixed it! Thanks for letting me know!


Bump scince it was fixed! :slight_smile:


Its got an Ill Vibes vibe to it


Is that a good thing?? :slight_smile:


Its a pretty good video, but here are some tips.
You are making a video, so you can record your combos until they are flawless (the first headcam combo)
You can edit out the parts where you move away from the camera before you throw
Not really a major thing, but I got some issues with the continuity of the headcam shot, where the camera was visible in the shadow, but when you switched cameras, you no longer have a headcam, but thats my OCD speaking ;).
Besides that when I said it had an Ill Vibes vibe to it, i was making a pun, but it seems familiar to the video.


Well, you know what! Thanks so much for the feedback! I will work on those things, I just didn’t have very much time to edit it, so the small things, like when I move away from the camera, I just ignored. And yeah, I was considering doing an Ill Vibes video with Logi, but I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it!!! So, thanks again for the tips!! And again, lefties are the best!!


Bump! :slight_smile:


All day I rap, and it’s, pretty… pretty pretty cool. Bump.


bumpyyyyyyyy!! :smiley: