Size C centering/concave bearing

Only out of curiosity want to try a centering/concave size C bearing. Checking the “shop” section on this forum found all were listed “out of stock”. Searched and found one (Yoyo Factory) at Sara’s Toys - it’ll be here tomorrow.


Now that’s checking things out for yourself @twitch77 And @fatguysnacks247.

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there are some in stock, sometimes you have to look on the bearings individually…

being helpful, @Glenacius_K


Ok … as a result of you just not willing to put your gripe from a totally different thread to sleep.

I have decided to take a drastic step.

I have decided to declare myself ‘Imperial Majesty of the Entire Universe’ as we know it… but for only 5 minutes🤔

Just long enough to make 1 Royal Decree!

From this moment onward to infinity. No person on any yo-yo related forum will be allowed to ask any sort of question about anything. Yo-yo related or otherwise.

NO asking for help or guidance or useful information. Or anything else in written word that has a question ? mark at the end of the word group.

We will ALL follow and abide by this dictate; in order to keep from disturbing the brain of Glenacius_K.

From this moment on; you are all on your own.

If you don’t know or aren’t willing to solve every riddle for yourself; you will die a miserable death: alone, afraid and screaming.

But nobody will hear you.



Lol :joy:

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What amazes me is that someone in business that has that business attached to their name would be so quick to alienate potential customers.


I’m still here, you know guys…

Haha. It’s fine really. Keep firing those arrows (not sarcasm).

My post here was simply to point out that the person who created this thread had a look for himself before asking, which is how it should be.

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Really appreciate the attention guys! This sort of dialogue is what keeps me coming back to read through the posts on this forum every time an e-mail pops up starting out, “A brief summery since your last post.”

It wasn’t long ago when discovering this forum that I really started to understand the close knit Yoyo culture, as it is these days.

Attended a meet-up in this area a while back and was amazed by the welcoming atmosphere. Saw veterans and new-bees alike being treated with the same respect and attention. Saw mothers bringing their young children in and taking them home with binding skills and wide grins.

Ordered a second bearing and a long axel after being made aware of how to find them on the company website. Checking order tracking I see those parts should be here by 8 p.m. next Tuesday the 18th. The bearing ordered through arrived yesterday but without the long axel have not tried it.

Nostalgia is in abundance here, this exchange brings back memories of when as a Sailor I was imbedded into a Marine unit in Vietnam during the mid sixties and was not authorized to wear Marine Green. Came away from that involvement with life long friends even though it was tough to become accepted. (Yes, I’m in my eighth decade in this terrestrial world.)


thank you, for your service, coming aboard, and your bit of wisdom sir :wink:

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Ok, here’s a question: ordered the Dif-E-Yo KonKave Bearing and a long axel. The bearing fits my DV888 and is a big improvement over the OEM bearing. Also ordered a longer axel but find the threads are different than the OEM axel’s threads. The longer axel threads are more course and will not fit the Yoyo body threads.

Using the OEM axel but it engages very few threads in each half.

Would you please let me know how to get the correctly threaded axel with the above info or should I try to provide more if possible?

You need a 12mm m4 set screw. You can get them at a local hardware store, in the dv888 unresponsive pack on the store here or by itself.

You might also want to get slim 19mm response pads, as I think the stock ones in the dv888 stick out pretty far to be very responsive.

Or you can just use some rtv if you have it lying around. Or flowable silicone.


Flowable silicone (AKA rearview mirror adhesive) is my next jaunt into madness. Right after i come back to my senses from Eulercauchy’s Box of Eternal Confoundment and Downright Unusual Things.

I may need good drugs and stiff beverages.

Anyone have any thoughts on the Budda Bearings? They seem to have something neat going on there. Nothing I have any experience with though. Also, ceramic bearings exist. But, I mean, REALLY?!?! I dunno.

Ceramic bearings are not worth the extra cost IMO. The cost/benefit ratio does not compute.

Sadly I think Buddha bearings (or the site from which they come from) is on hiatus. You can get to checkout but no payment options exist. I hope the guy is ok with his family emergency.

My favorite bearings are the yyr ds and the rain city skills deep groove centering bearing (waiting for those to come in stock again).

i may have an extra dv888 set… or something. i can send you something out if you need me to… pm me! if i’d of known that’s what you needed, i would’ve steered you even better to begin with. no worries bud, let me know…

“we’re from the government, we’re here to help.”

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Although the local hardware store didn’t have a longer setscrew they had a long grade 5 cap screw. Screwed it into the yoyo until the end was flush with the opposite side then cut the extra off flush. Without a socket for the hex wrench it was hard to center after separating the two sides so put a drop of blue LockTite on the cut-off end and positioned it correctly. After setting up it stays in place when separating and re-assembling the sides. Thanks for the help!