silly boring fh2/freakhand question...

i have all the 2010 fh2 colors. the “black” one is sorta translucent purple. i do not have any of the freakhands, from the picture it sort of looks like the “black” one is a translucent smoke. does anyone own both the “black” fh2 and freakhand and can they confirm whether or not the colors are different? i can easily live without the translucent red and green freakhands but i want the black one if it is in fact different than the fh2 color.

im a playmaxx bee gt fiend and the 2010 fh2 is like a big boy bee gt and id love to have smoke, black, yellow, and clear (and higbys!!!) eventually. if the freakhand could knock out the smoke one for me id be really happy. i own like 10 white ones that i intended to dye but im really lazy plus dying them is cheating =P

sorry if this isnt the right place for this kind of question, if it isnt please move it to the appropriate forum


I have the black freakhand, but not the regular fh2. Doesn’t seem to have a hint of purple at all. I would say its a smokey grayish color, translucent.

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