silicone in the bearing track


i was siliconeing my eneme then silicone got in the bearing track so i let it dry thinking i could just scrape it off in the morning. most of it came off how can i get the other stuff off


Tooth picks are your friends.


so true and pins then needles


Depending on the nature of it and what you’re allowed to handle:

X-Acto knives can be very helpful, along with fine tipped flat-head jeweler’s type screwdrivers.

Toothpicks, pins and needles aren’t my first choices, but I’ll go there if I have to. It can work.

Your biggest tool will be patience. Don’t rush through this. It also shouldn’t take all that long either.


also q-tips. sometimes when I get some in my bearing seat and a toothpick just aint cutting it, I’ll get a qtip.


I use Leprechaun spit.


That’s just impractical.

I mean, first off, the smell. And those little leprechauns eat a lot.