Significance of Team Edition?

I have a team edition sasquatch and I’m wondering if there is anything special about it being team edition.

Just a different colorway.

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I told u…

I believe it’s the colorway that is also given to the team.

The colorway was originally one of four different ano test colorways Chris did on some Peaks back in the day. They made their way around for a while, and eventually one of the owners decided to sell his. He advertised it as being the “team edition”, and it generated a lot of attention and wound up commanding a high price. Of course, he was incorrect, as there was never a “team edition” Peak (plus there were more people on the team than Peaks in that color), but the name caught on and people started asking Chris to release more yoyos in the “team edition” colorway. So eventually there were official releases of it in the later yoyos.

I still cringe every time I hear the phrase.

I told you…

It isn’t though. Read what elephark said, they did that one time. From then to know it is just the name for the colorway, not what is given to the team. That was a 1 time deal.

I believe elephark. What I said is what I assumed based on the name.

Ya, it is a good assumption. If I had to guess I would have said the same as you.

it’s basically marketing (which is perfectly fine by me)