Shutterfly CODE 2 ($70), Sentinel ($65), No Jive 3, and more

So I have some yoyos that don’t get thrown enough, and I could use some extra cash.

No trades unless they are on my wants list.

Sorry for poorly taken pictures, if you’re interested in something and want more, let me know.

I have +13 more reputation on the nation:


Will do yoyo(s) + cash for my wants if necessary

Cash (Paypal)
YYR: Sleipnir, Gleipnir, CLASH, Blink, E=MC
CLYW: Canvas
Werrd: OG Irony (in my dreams), Irony JP
Gen-Yo: KLR

What I got:

Prices negotiable.

Shutterfly CODE 2: Mint and smooth, plays great 5a. $70

Werrd Sentinel: Half nickel, half gold ano. Only damage shown, still plays wonderfully. $65

ProtoStars: 3a pair, will sell seperately. Minor damage, most of it shown, both have one crack and play like Protos should. They have generic flat bearings at the moment. $30 as a pair or $16 each.

Dif-e-Yo Wide Load: Condition is very good, but one of the pads appears to be another kind of pad cut down to fit in there. I haven’t had any problems with it, but I feel any prospective buyers should be aware. Make an offer if interested.

No Jive 3: It’s got one big ol’ mark on it, circled because it doesn’t show up well on camera, still plays like new. Will come with original packaging. Make an offer if interested.