Shutter tutorial, where is it?


When I bought the Shutter, it said instantly after purchase, I would get a tutorial on one of Gentry Steins tricks, but I still don’t have the email. I checked everywhere, but it’s not there. Please help!:confounded::scream::tired_face::sob:


I received mine the moment I purchased the Shutter.
It should be in your email, maybe check your spam/junk mail?


Could always shoot YYF am email

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


I did check my junk mail


I contacted YYF for you.


Thanks! I contacted yoyo expert too


I think YoYoExpert stopped sending that out a while ago.


It’s from yoyoexpert.

Sorry I can’t help but them will as soon as they see this

Ben @ yoyofactory


This also happened to me. Just email yoyoexpert about and they should send you the link to it. Thats what I had to do.


The auto emails can get blocked by spam filters sometimes. I just emailed you the link for the tutorial so it should be all set. Have fun with your Shutter!


I didn’t get the email either…So Andre (being so nice) had Gentry flown to my house and personally give me the tutorial.
I still cant do the trick :-\

(yoyobro!) #12

Lol if he did that then I didn’t get mine either! :wink:

Jk, I did get mine but yeah emailing YYE should work


Got it. Thanks!!