Shutter and Shu-ta?


I was looking into both of these and I am thinking about asking for both for my birthday. Are they too similar to each other for it to be worth getting both? Also, I enjoy doing fingerspins, and I noticed that the cup has been enlarged for fingerspins on the Shu-ta. Will the original Shutter cup still fit my needs? Lastly, does the 7075 make any difference in grind length? Thanks!


Judging from specs there should be a distinguishable difference

As long as they’re both blasted the grind length should be similar as well.


The difference between grinds is minimal if they both have the same finish. I’ve heard that they definitely play different, though I can’t say that myself because I haven’t tried the Shu-Ta myself.


As long as the 7075 is blasted then it doesnt make a difference in grinds, the reason why my 7075 throws dont grind as well is because they usually arent blasted like their 6061 counterparts (example the Pride).

Not many people have had the change to play the Shu-ta, basically the 7075 Shutter with a fancy name, very minimal changes.

I would get an Alien Galaxy Shutter if I were you, the Shutters play amazing, cant say anything for the Shu-ta, havent played one =).


I wouldn’t say minimal, the shu-ta is way more rim weighted


I’ve played with both. I didn’t have much time with the Shu-ta, but I definitely preferred it to the shutter. They play similarly, but I feel like the Shu-ta is the all around better yoyo in almost all aspects.


Both play amazing! The shutter is a tad more centre weighted and I feel it gives it a touch of float from trick to trick whilst the shu-ta is more rim weighted making for a more solid feeling shutter and the shu-ta edges a little further than the shutter when it comes to stability and spin time but both are good enough already. I personally prefer the shu-ta.