Shurikenyoyos - Senban (Get one from YYE shop!)

Sponsoring players and contests are some of my long term goals, I’ll focus on making more designs before I get to that point. Thank you for your support @Snooplupe !

Ok I understand

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Did you just send a yoyo to Dylan kowalski

It’s normal for yoyo businesses to send review models to the big yoyo youtubers.


Yeah because I was wondering how Dylan got one lol

I love that design it looks awesome! Great work! I can’t wait to buy one!

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Thank you for your support!

I love this design. Can’t wait for the production run. So glad that orange version will be available.

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Thank you @ChrysaeThrows , the production run should be arriving in 2-3 weeks!!!

For those who haven’t checked out @dylan_kowalski review:

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A-RT actually hand-filled those with paint using a syringe. Here the the video of their process.


Thank you for showing me this Alex, It’s really satisfying to watch!

If I do the same, I’ll probably turn the whole batch into b grades lol I wish I have stable hands…


This one looks REALLY nice! Good Job!


I would definitely be down/okay with purchasing one with painted rims knowing it has the potential for vibe if you wanted to offer the option at some point, maybe not this run.

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Thank you @TheThrowingGnome!

Thank you @Isaac, maybe I’ll try to paint the rims on my prototype first🤔

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Check out @yomartyo Nate’s review if you haven’t already:


Got some photos from my machinist today, and the production run should be ready soon!


Go and watch Tom’s review if you are interested in JUJI😉



Those look so, so nice.

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Thank you @pinhead !

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Only 4 left snag one like I did!!!

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