Shurikenyoyos - Senban (Get one from YYE shop!)

Hey everyone, I’m Ken from Hong Kong. I have started a project called Shuriken Yoyos earlier this year!

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After months of effort, I finally received the prototypes for my first design, JUJI.


Diameter: 58.98mm

Width: 52.06mm

Weight: 61.75g

Gap Width: 4.6mm

Material: 7068 aluminium

Design & Performance

Before I started working on JUJI, I always wanted a big & light yoyo with very wide rims. Wide rims usually come with a narrow catch zone which isn’t ideal for most modern tricks. The easiest way to overcome this major drawback is to make the overall width even wider! JUJI’s wide rims can disperse the impact force efficiently when it returns to your hand and it’s easy to catch during your tricks because of the decently wide catch zone.

JUJI is pretty light weighing in at 61.75g. Taking advantage of 7068 aluminium’ density, the thickness of the wall is around 1 mm, and the rest of the weight goes to the rims. The rim weight and the relatively large diameter (58.98mm) give JUJI some extra power and stability at such a light weight.

I would say JUJI feels light but it is stable and powerful enough for you to throw most tricks on it. I love this design and I’m definitely biased lol so I will be sending the prototypes to several reviewers, hopefully you can know more about JUJI with those reviews.


There will be 3 colorways for this run, please let me know your preference! I’ll go for Clear and the top 2 colors from the poll below.

  • Teal - 325C
  • Green - 357C
  • Red - 201C
  • Orange - 165C
  • Blue - 288C
  • Purple - 267C

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I’ll keep you updated here for the production run, but you may also follow Shurikenyoyos Instagram page if you are interested in JUJI!

I would like to thank @MarkD and @Matcha for sharing their production/design experience with me which really helps a lot. Thank you for reading, please let me know if you have any questions!


Im a big fan of rim weight, Juji looks fun! I like the blast you got going as well, personally partial to the teal and purple. Is there no issues with vibe with the double rim/rim cutout (this is what killed the selkie when machine shops couldnt get even cuts)? Any plans to potentially fill that divot with paint kind of like on the triptych? How much are you trying to retail em for?


Thank you for your reply @DapperWooona! I guess being that light kind of take away some stability from it, but the prototypes turn out to be surprisingly smooth. But don’t trust me, I’ll be sending them to several reviewers, let’s see what they say!!

I have never played with the Selkie before but the machine shop did mention about the depth of the rim cutout and I amended the design a little bit just to make their life easier lol

That’s actually a great idea! I’ll check the cost and feasibility with the machine shop. Thank you for the suggestion!! It will be around USD60


Awesome, looking forward to what you come out with!

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This looks neat! Happy to have helped out!

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Thank you Mark!

Thank you for everyone who voted! I’ll finalize all the details with the machine shop in a couple of days, so please let me know your preference for the colorway. Thank you!

You probably seen me from the yoyo design post and I was wondering where I could buy one of these yoyos

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Hey Philip, thank you for being interested in JUJI!

I’m now working on a website and you will be able to get one of these there! The website should be ready once I get the final products (probably around Apr).

I’m also reaching out to different retailers. It’s unusual for those retailers to get the first run of yoyos from a newly established brand, but I’ll try! I really want more people to try out my design.

Thank you for your support!


Ok hit me up when the yoyo is released :+1::+1:


Sure, thank you Philip! :pray:

Ken very generously sent me a Juji.

It’s very large and broad and light. It feels very interesting to play, because it has a pretty large inertia, and it still gets through things and binds at low RPM.

It’s very comfortable, too, and makes a “bong!” sound.

Enchanting, really.


How did you get one and how come ken didn’t tell me about the realease of this yoyo

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Thank you for the feedback @MarkD

Hey Philip, Mark got a prototype because I learned a lot from him about designing and manufacturing!

The production run will be arriving in several weeks. It will be a relatively small run with three colouways available. I’ll be updating here once I get them😉

Thank you for your support!


Ok that’s cool I was wondering can you make this yoyo in rose gold not to be picky I just think it would look cool also what website would you be selling these yoyos on

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I picked clear/silver, purple and orange ranked the highest in the poll, so these will be the three colouways for this run. I like rose gold too and I’ll use that in the future!

I’m now working on my own website which will be ready once I get some photos for the production run. I think I’m not supposed to post a direct online store link here, you can keep an eye on my Instagram page, I’ll put the link in bio before the release:

I’m also reaching out to several retailers (including Yoyoexpert), but nothing has been confirmed yet as I’m still waiting for the first run to arrive. I’ll try to make JUJI available with at least one reputable retailer for people who do not trust my website lol

Thank you for being interested in JUJI🙏

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Ok thanks I hope your yoyo company is successful and what is the price for one of these yoyos I’m very intrested in your company and want to support it

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Thank you so much @Snooplupe! A second design has been sent to my machinist for prototyping, I’ll be announcing that after JUJI release

It will be around $60, b-grades will be $45 (plus shipping)

Not to make all of your hard work meaning less but I really want one of your juji yoyos and I dont have alot of money could I get a free one for doing a review or could I get sponsored so I could promote your company and bring in more consumers for shuriken yoyos

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