Shu Takada got asked to help with a character in a mobile game (Full trailer out now!)

I play Honkai Impact and the next part has a character that uses Yo-yos to fight. Apparently Shu Takada got asked to help with posing and stuff


Pretty sick honestly, I don’t play the game (or really know much about it) but I know it’s pretty big, always stoked to see yoyos getting this kind of exposure.

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How cool! There is a huge similarity between this character and how Bridget from Guilty Gear Strive uses her yoyos. Looks like 3d Bridget to me.


Did not notice this character but sounds like I need to pop the game disc back in :yo-yo:

This is sweet I have never played this game but play some of there other games and they have a massive fan base. I hope this brings in some new folks, I also wonder what version this is going too.

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i forgot about honkai impact also the whole roster is females right?

Yoooo I absolutely love this

Yeah all valkyries

I wasn’t expecting them to go this all out on tricks.