Showdown Saturday 4.20.13

Showdown Saturday!
Owen Vs Noel
Leave a comment to vote for the winner!
Since I was so late with this today voting will go through sunday!

Gotta give the nod to Noel this time around!

Both were super great but… Noel!

Noel, though only because of the ending. Personally I thought Owen’s 1a was better.

Owen all the way. I loved his chopsticks elements.

Noel is clearly skilled, I just felt his style was too hectic.

Still taking votes today

I’ve gotta say undecided.

My vote will go to Owen

I gotta say Owen

Gotta say Noel, both were great but Noels was sick!

owen’s 1a was better but i gotta go with noel cuz of dat last trick

I got my butt kicked…

I think I’m gonna go with Owen… I could process his tricks easier. It seemed a lot calmer to me, and I like more relaxed style. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the vote, but I think its over :stuck_out_tongue:

Noel won I think

You won last week though, cant win them all ;D

Congrats to Noel!
Thanks to Owen for trying to defend his title! It’s gets harder after you win!