Showdown Saturday 4/13/13

Great Showdown this week!!!
Thomas vs Owen
Leave a comment to cast your vote for the winner!




Yes it is!

I’d say Owen for sure! Thomas had some really interesting tricks though. Both of you did very well.


If my vote counts for anything, I have to vote for Thomas. His combo just seemed much more impressive than mine, But I of course cant view both combos as a different person and I always view my combos as bad, but I really enjoyed watching his.

owen! it was close though.

Good job to both of them but I would have to say my vote goes to Owen as the winner.

Last call :slight_smile:

Oh no running out of Time!!

Really too close to call. I’mma go with Owen. No, Thomas. No, Owen… Thomas…

Thowenmas, final answer.



No wait! There’s still time to post my vo–…oh never mind.

Congrats to Owen!

Thanks Jake!

Totally thought Thomas had this one in the bag though…

Erm… Owen.