Show off your One Drop collections (or any other brand)

even if it was a bad yoyo, it would be worth chasing it a lifetime just for the fact that it was made with a milling machine and not with a lathe … but the fact is that it is also a great yoyo! and like all the first productions that, as we know, will be the visiting card for a new brand, it is also extremely well-finished.
I got mine by exchanging it, without any balance with an Auldey L3 … I asked the other boy, to be honest, three times if he was sure he wanted to make the exchange (clearly it was he who proposed it to me) … three times yes … I could not help but answer OK!

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No Top Deck?

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I know why people really like the topdeck. My Rev 1 just showed up yesterday… (which is a topdeck essentially with some minor changes. Its surprisingly good

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Top deck plays quite different than Rev 1.


Yea I haven’t thrown a Topdeck so I couldn’t say the differences between the 2. But the shape feels good and is solid so I imagine it has the same soul


Imagine a more organic Rev 1 that took steroids.

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Ok ok you convinced me… I will put it on my list to buy


Hunt for the complete CLYW catalog so far…



CLYW (and Heaven Sent) bois

Trying to pick up a Wildfire soon, and some more OG models


Top 3 rows one drop, bottom row machined by OD!
Top row right to left: diorama, kuntosh 5k, kuntosh, top deck
Row 2: panorama 2x, LT, sugar glider
Row 3 : parlay, free solo, deep state, nitto
Row 4: MM Classic, MM magnum opus, day tripper, weekender

So many favorites in this batch


I’m in love…

Wildfire is such a great yoyo man. You’ll love it, I’m sure

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