Show Age and Location on the left.


I think it would be helpful if a posters Age and Location was shown above the country flag. I know it would help me when replying to someone without having to go to their profile to see their age. Also would help people know if someone is near them for a hangout. Lastly would help some other people know who they are being rude to or take a post less seriously when it’s coming from someone 10+ years younger than them with a quick glance to the left or help them word an answer differently.

I’ve seen this on other forums I’ve been a part of and moderated and it always helped us.


Information placed in the left bar next to their avatar is public information that can be seen by anyone and collected by search engines. I, as well as others, would prefer that information to be kept within the community if we even share it at all.

Age is one of those things that really does not matter one bit. While there is a correlation between age and maturity, there are still plenty of people who are much more or much less mature than their age. You can get a very good idea of a person’s maturity by simply reading their posts.


As you have already done, the site allows you to not display this information or have an N/A. Are you saying that the user profiles are not cached by the search engines? I can go into a browser that I’m not logged into the forum on and still see a person’s profile with age anyway. So for the keeping it in community that still doesn’t really work.


Huh, on most forums that I’ve seen, seeing a user’s profile requires you to be logged in. I assumed that it was true for this one as well, but it seems that isn’t the case. You make a good case for yourself.


I prefer not to post my age, or gender, or specific location, so that someone new to the forum might be able to know all that in an instant. Those who stick around on the forum long enough, will gain all that information about me in due time anyway. I guess I see it like getting to know someone in real life…gradually you learn more and more about them as time goes on. This being the internet version, I prefer that things slowly leak out instead. On the internet, I think you only reveal what you have to in order to get the point across. I notice some people are not all that private or reserved about that kind of thing. Just personalities I suppose. :-\ I’m not interested in meeting up with anyone…so I omitted a specific location. I just attend contests and club meets here and there. There are a lot of underage users and meeting up is not always appropriate given that.

My only real problem with posting age is that there might be a subtle and subconscious opinion of posts based on the age of the poster. I think it might be a bit of a distraction from the content. After some time, and getting to know the different users, you can usually gauge an age bracket, but I would not want to see it made that obvious. If age takes front and center, I think more people will just omit it altogether.

I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it on a personal level, mine would just be blank or N/A :smiley: Or maybe I’ll pick an age that I perceive as better than my real age. Good thing about the internet is I can be whatever age I want. ;D


I’ve removed most of my information. Just had a major change of perspective lately. I don’t want forum users knowing where I live so I removed my location pin. I don’t want forum users knowing my age and when my birthday is. However, this is all prelude to my permanent departure, which I’m not discussing here.

Now, onto why age isn’t being shown, or SHOULDN’T be shown:
Those under the age of 18 are not adults, and as a result, this could be a major issue for parents and law enforcement. It’s just easier to NOT show the information. Fewer legal issues as well. Not to throw the paranoia card, but there’s too many people out there who focus on under-age people. I don’t see this being an issue here because this is a site oriented around a toy, and as such, it will of course attract many underage people.

And as so eloquently put:

And there-in is part of the problem. In this case, I’m NOT targetting the person, but the truth within that little statement. People can create their own false identities online and we’d never know it.


I see the points on both sides. I still don’t see the problem and once again if you want to remain anonymous you can. In reality no one is truly anonymous on the internet. As for minors their ages still aren’t hidden on the profiles and they can be checked by someone who isn’t logged in.

To adjust my proposal I’d say it have to be a feature that was only available to persons logged in like it is on most sites.

Studio42 you still link to your facebook, and have your real name, and have your phone number in your sig. Just saying not to hard to find you or know you are from California. Not being evil here just giving you are hard time.

Main reason I thought it’d be good is if you see another post asking about Boing-E-Boing, one would be less inclined to rip the posters head off or if someone posts something totally “dumb.” Most users on this site don’t do that, but there are a few. I just thought it’d be helpful and there are other applications for it.

For location its a similar thing. “I see you’re having trouble with that trick. Want to meet at the mall and i can help you.” Of course with online predators out there, things like this are best if only adults are meeting adults in public or you arrange with the person’s parents before hand. Plus there’s even an optional Google Maps thing on here that shows a persons exact location if you drop a pin.

I guess just ignore the request and if I want to check someones age before replying I’ll just middle click their profile to open it in another tab.


I’m just controlling what people see.

For example, I do not celebrate holidays(any of them) and I do not observe my birthday.

When I leave, I’ll ensure I remove all that stuff. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll get to that right away.


I know what you mean to a certain extent. As an adult, it would be nice to know when I’m dealing with another adult and can make a certain joke or whatever. I think most people who indicate age are honest, but the age indicated is not necessarily the true age anyway. So, on the internet, you really can be the age you want to be. Not necessarily a good thing, but just how it is. Personally, I’d choose 25, because it’s a cool age. It makes no real difference, I’m an adult either way…but that’s my fake age of choice. :smiley: Shave about 10 years off.

On my Facebook, I have a fake date of birth up there. I’m not signing up for an online account with my true information. Too many opportunities for identity theft. I use my true birth month and day most of the time, so everyone doesn’t wish me a happy birthday on the wrong day. But, I falsify my information to some extent on purpose. I think it’s just the smart thing to do these days. I have a junk email that all potential spam and junk goes into. I let search engines crawl that address. I’ve seen some horror stories, so I don’t invite random people to my home, or give out my phone number online and stuff. My Facebook is private too. I don’t mess around with any of that. Unless I’ve met you in person, you get a P.O. box for BST transactions. Even then, sometimes the P.O. Box is more convenient and safe so packages are not left on my front porch. I bet I’m “over” careful in the eyes of many. But, that’s how I roll.

Not a bad idea you had…for those who are willing to share. :slight_smile: I have an idea. I’ve seen people post feelers like “Anyone in blah blah city and state willing to meet up?” Then post your age and gender so people know what’s up. A friend of mine on here did that before traveling out of state. When he got there, he met a thrower he would not have met otherwise. Give that a shot.