should I?

I am thinking of trading my hulk Wooly Marmot for a DNA. I have never traded berore and the guy (PhilliesWS09) said that i should ship first because he has once before. I’m wondering if youre a guy who traded with him, can i trust him in getting a good DNA?

It was my DNA that was sent, and when I sent it to him it was perfect. No vibe what-so-ever.

Since I have so much feedback, he sent first, and I got it exactly when he said I would. The yo-yo he sent me was in the exact condition that he said it was. I trust him.

for a wooly marmot? should I

I can’t tell you if it’s a good trade or not, all I can say is that he kept his word with my trade.

Do you want a DNA?

Are you willing to give your Marmot up for it?

Well, a scuffed DNA and a minimally dinged up Marmot are about the same IMO. The question is, do you like the color Pink for the DNA?

As JM said. It’s all your choice.

Well, if you are used to the undersized-ness of your WM, remember that the DNA is a larger yo-yo. Do you want to trade your favorite yo-yo for a yo-yo you don’t know how it plays? Your choice. If you really want it, get it.

raymondini is getting a dna @ nats tomorrow you could ask him

Do you think its worth it?

If so, yes.

I personally wouldn’t do it, but you can, its your yoyo.