should I?

(drumma/yoyo) #1

I am thinking of trading my hulk Wooly Marmot for a DNA. I have never traded berore and the guy (PhilliesWS09) said that i should ship first because he has once before. I’m wondering if youre a guy who traded with him, can i trust him in getting a good DNA?

(JM) #2

It was my DNA that was sent, and when I sent it to him it was perfect. No vibe what-so-ever.

Since I have so much feedback, he sent first, and I got it exactly when he said I would. The yo-yo he sent me was in the exact condition that he said it was. I trust him.

(drumma/yoyo) #3

for a wooly marmot? should I

(JM) #4

I can’t tell you if it’s a good trade or not, all I can say is that he kept his word with my trade.

Do you want a DNA?

Are you willing to give your Marmot up for it?

(Mark) #5

Well, a scuffed DNA and a minimally dinged up Marmot are about the same IMO. The question is, do you like the color Pink for the DNA?

As JM said. It’s all your choice.

(SR) #6

Well, if you are used to the undersized-ness of your WM, remember that the DNA is a larger yo-yo. Do you want to trade your favorite yo-yo for a yo-yo you don’t know how it plays? Your choice. If you really want it, get it.


raymondini is getting a dna @ nats tomorrow you could ask him


Do you think its worth it?

If so, yes.

I personally wouldn’t do it, but you can, its your yoyo.