should i start using lube?


I NEVER have put on any lube on ever. Should I start, or is it like switching pads, or only do it if you need to? What does thin lube do, and what does think lube so? I know one slows down the bearing (im guessing thick) and one makes it responsive. Thanks!

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I don’t know man, this is a really private and personal matter, it’s up to you though. I wouldn’t ask a yoyo forum about this.


The only reason I lube mine is to make them a bit quieter. They may or may not also become a bit smoother (I don’t know for sure… the silence gives me the perception that they’re smoother… but are they REALLY? Hard to say).

If you like they way your bearings play thus far, why tamper? Only start lubing if you are trying to solve a problem (for me, ensuring silence).


I only use lube for responsive loopers and quiet bearings. The rest I use dry play for.


So I can like them more :smiley:


Haha, well, yeah. :wink: I suppose!

Will you like them more if they spin for a little bit less time, but are quieter? If spin time is more important, don’t lube!


Guess im not gonna lube then. Thanks guys! I got a new bearing partly to fix the loundness of my throw, so that’s covered. And I like looking spins :wink:


Until the fourth sentence, I didn’t know if he was talking about bearings or what…


You can try it and if you don’t like it, just clean your bearing.


Just as GregP, I usually put lube in my bearings (I’m watching my wording now because of SR…) to quiet them down a little bit or make them smoother. I’m fairly certain that they become smoother because if I leave some of my bearings dry for too long they can get really loud and have an almost crackly sound to them. As soon as I lube them the bearing loses this sound.

Now, once again just as GregP said, I don’t know if this really makes the bearing smoother, but I genuinely believe it can for some bearings (depending on how long the bearing has been dry and how much gunk might be in the bearing). I’m pretty sure that without the lube in the bearing the balls inside the bearing are rubbing up against each other more, resulting in more noise and less smoothness.

As far as I know the lube reduces the friction between the balls in the bearing, but also makes the bearing a little slower, hence lower spin times. Honestly the spin time difference between lubed and not-lubed bearings really isn’t major enough for me to care. Additionally I really dislike cleaning bearings so I just throw in some lube in my bearings every once in a while so I don’t have to clean them for longer.


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Do yourself a favour and PUT LUBE IN YOUR BEARING. It makes it quieter, smoother, and increases its life. Do you want to play a yoyo screeching your head off? I think not. Get yourself a bottle of YYJ thin lube (or any thin lube) and thank me later.

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