Should I Sell my Kiss and Montly Crue tickets.

Okay here is my problem. I got 2 tickets for this saturday and I invited a ex- co worker that at one time was like a second brother to me. The thing about it is that although I did ask him to come with me in April, I have not heard from him since then and if I do hear from him its always the same old line. O I meant to call you. Now I know he his an adult with his own life and problems we all do; should this be an excuses for him for being a total tool. Sorry T.M.I

Yes this is a Oxygen moment …

I rather sell the tickets and go to worlds with money and have a good time alone then with somebody to a concert. If I tell him the truth that won’t bother me, but would I be just broken my word if I tell him. NO I changed my mind so I sold the tickets. Cause I don’t want you come and ruin a good memory of our friendship.