Should I redo it?


I’m thinking about re-doing this because I don’t feel it was smooth. Mreh, I dunno.


Well someone’s a Jensen fan.

EDIT: Why are you filming in a mine shaft?


Lol, yeah it was meant to be kind of a spoof of his Canvas test video. & haha, Idnno i thought background was kinda neat it was in my garage Its a 108 year old garage.


Ahhh. Well it was pretty good. Some parts could be smoothed out though.

I’ve been wanting to learn that combo for a while. How’d you learn it?


Word thanks. & Most of the elements in it aren’t hard at all, just watch the video over and over or slow it down and it’ll be really easy for you. The bind is the hardest part. That’s how I learned it, that’s also how I learned Ghost. (That was not a fun process)