Should I get my Chief re-anodized?


So my original plan was to buy a Chief for as cheap as I could get it and then get it soda blasted and clear anodized but I’m unsure if this is a good idea anymore. I spent $70 on a mint yellow chief (thanks a bunch mordo!)but the soda blast will cost $25 (mullicabob) and another $25 for the clear ano (england) making me actually spend $120 for just a silver yoyo. What do you guys think, should I get it blasted and anodized or try to trade for a silver/gold 1st run chief? Please base your answers on what you would do yourself and not because you know mullicabob and england and would like to give them business (I’d love to I’m just doubting how much money its going to cost to make it look like a generic yoyo).

Also, how much should I offer if I were to give my mint chief + $_ for a gold, silver, minty mint chief?

Thanks in advance!


Based on what you have provided it might be cheaper to try to just send off your Chief… Problem is the 1st run silver are very sought after. I never see them on the BST so my assumption is that they are in the hands of collectors. Also, trying to trade up with cash will be tricky as again the silver Chief are harder to come by. Those 1st run Chief were made in Canada again this adds to the rarity of them.

If I were you I would get your Chief blasted and clear ano’d…


They must be very sought after, I never even knew there any other colors besides musket and gold in the first run.


I would. I love silver throws. So much. Although $50 is a bit much… If I had money I would.


You should just polish it.


Musket wasn’t first run. First run was gold, silver, and blue.


Since it’s first run I wouldn’t do anything to it


I have a polished yuuksta but I really like the anodized finish on my chief lol.

Oh and thanks for the replies guys (:

Ah I still don’t know asdflkj


I personally say love your Chief the way it is and I honestly would past CLYW to come out with a solid run of Chiefs if that is what will sell. I don’t see why they would ever stop production of it completely as it is like there flagship model so maybe …

(kclejeune) #10

Get silver. It’s just soo boss.


Strip it, don’t sand it.

Use Monkey Buff Polish, or mothers.

Send it to Mullicabob and England1414.



lol, yeah I’m starting to lean towards sending it to them