Lowered prices !!!!!FIRST RUN CLYW CHIEF!!!!! & more

Hey I have a first run clyw chief but it is a fools gold. It is a fools gold because during the anodizing proccess some blue some how got onto the silver. There is also one pinprick. Very rare. Direct message me if you are interested. $200 $150 PayPal Only

I have a 2012 EYYC YoyoFactory Avant Garde Ann Connolly Edition. This has a purple/blue base and pink splash. Has one flatspot but comes in box with a gold plated bearing. Very pretty very rare and limited. Photos are here http://victoru.imgur.com/all/ $175 $150 PayPal Only

Here are some pictures of my Chief: The blue spot is in the fourth photo along with the pinprick.

do you still have the marmot?