FT/S: Custom Ano Chief: Wants- 2 split decisions, 2 Ironys, Crucials, YYR

Today I got for sale or trade my custom anodized CLYW Chief. I have the box for it as well. It plays great and is smooth. I wouldn’t call it dead smooth but definitely smooth to my standards. I would consider this is very good condition. It has a few really tiny pricks under the ano but at first sight it looks mint. It was originally a first run so it’s a lighter version and the only run made by CLYW and not 1drop.

I have a few main wants that I would trade the Chief for straight up. I don’t mind damage up buy just expect trade value to reflect condition.

The colors were done in a dark purple acid wash and a light purple acid wash. So it spins dark purple/light purple. I really dig the color combo and if you like purple you would love this.

Pictures are here in my flickr:

Wants: Kinda in order
Positron (any color especially aqua)
YYR ( any and all)
Max Bet
Arctic Circle
La goutte
Pair of Ironys
Recrevs (mainly octaves)
Duncan echo
Northstar (yellow or green)