Should I get a tres or flight?

I have a Skyhawk. I have heard issues with flight. But which is better.

Issues with the Flight? Like what? Mine performs like a dream and I haven’t noticed any issues.


The gaps get tight. And its cracked easily if even a bit over tight end.

Ah, well I haven’t noticed anything like that so far, and it is much better than my Skyhawk.

Yes cyber has given his opinion but if I get 2 or 3 more opinions it might be easier to choose.

I’m pretty sure the over tightening thing is more of a concern with YYJ’s adjustable gaps and solid spin axle systems. I don’t think the Tres uses either.


The flight is awesome! I just started offspring on saturday and I am already pretty far. The flight spins for a long time (for an offstring throw) I really like it. It is worth the $24.99 price tag.

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Both are awesome. I’d say try one, if you don’t like, get the other. That’s what’s nice about them being so inexpensive.

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Thanks I’ll be getting a tres.

Yes I was so dissapointed with my YYJ offstrings that I kinda hate YYJ now but its like whatever I’m starting to get over it