Should I do an Unboxing Video of a New Oxy Hyperion?

Reply what you think!

YES please. It looks like a really cool yoyo.

You might as well now that you got my hopes up! :slight_smile:

I added a poll :slight_smile:

Sure, why not? But, I voted “I like pie”

Tempted to vote “I like pie” but chyea maign, you might as well show off your sweet purchase and let us drool while you’re at it

Here is the video:


I thought you were going to do an Unboxing?

You didn’t ask for any advice but regardless, let me give you a few tips.

  1. Have the proper tool/tools necessary to actually open the box. Do not spend the better part of 2 minutes, gripping people with suspense about the moment you are going to stab yourself to Death with scissors.

  2. Waste very little time mentioning: receipts, card packs you aren’t gonna open anyway, or stickers.

  3. Actually focus more attention on the yoyo ‘in the box’.

Like I already mentioned, you didn’t ask for advice, but just the thought of you ever doing another ‘Unboxing’ I felt compelled to steer you in the general direction of something more like an Unboxing.

  1. If you have a scale… Possibly close ups instead of waving yoyos halves in your palms at a distance… Put a string on the yoyo and give it a good spin for the Viewing audience… Etc.

I swear I was sure you were going to stab yourself, lol

Anyway congrats. The Hyperion is a very slick playing yoyo.


I was flinching. Waiting for it.