Should I do a Prague pack reveiw?

Does anyone want to see one?


Go for it. I loved the pack and want to see what other people thought of it

I’m getting conflicting results…:slight_smile:

You can’t buy them anymore, so there is no point. Even if they were available I don’t trust reviews written by people who need to make tons of threads asking for people to choose their yoyo. Ever heard the phrase “lurk moar”?

Everything in the pack is available besides the cards and some people do trust the opinions of others. It’s all personal choice


a wat?

Lurk moar??

You can make one if you want its really up to you. I think reviews on stuff is kinda nice.

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Stop posting until you understand the rules/culture of a community. What I’m saying is that you should post fewer topics.

He can do what he wants if you wants to make topics to get peoples opinions on yoyo’s he can do that. If you don’t like the topics he makes you don’t have to read them.

Not trying to mean. Just saying.

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Doesn’t make it less annoying.

Just my personal observation, but these are the type of attitudes that push newer members to the community away from a community. It’s just not welcoming. This is probably why a lot of people eventually leave here for other, more welcoming online yoyo communities.

Just saying, people ought to be more like Eric, instead of being yoyo e-thugs.

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You make plenty of pointless and annoying posts too yoyo but I try not to point them out. You obviously don’t understand the rules/culture yourself or else you wouldn’t be making posts like these.

You should. My feelings won’t be hurt.

Yea. I try and be as nice as I can to knew yoyoers because most of the time this is the only place they get to talk to other throwers because a lot of them don’t have a yoyo meet near by and I don’t want them do get the impression that all yoyoers are mean Because that would scare them away from contests and stuff.

Go ahead and post the review. I would enjoy reading it.