Should I change my freestyle for my next contest?

Ok so I just went IYYC on August 8 where I competed And I am also planning to go to the West Coast Yoyo Championships on August 29.

I was wondering if I should change a little bit of my freestyle or should I just keep it the way it is considering the amount of time I have to prepare for West Coast.


It depends, did you do well?

Were you clean but didn’t place well, or did you miss enough that you would’ve placed better if you were clean? If you were clean but didn’t place where you wanted, change it. If you messed up, then practice what you’re already close to perfecting and aim to be flawless.

Nope got 19 out of 22. But then again I also got a knot

Ok awesome! Thanks for the advice. btw I messed up and got a knot and I didn’t bring up a backup yoyo.