Short 5a combo

Just knockin’ the rust by off. Been ten years since i’ve really tried anything on of these. It’s all been done before and probably doesn’t score any contest points. But man, it felt SO good. I missed you guys. <3


That was super tight man, nice!


Nice! Keep it up!


Dude that reaction at the end was priceless.

Also 10 years of rust, I’m stoked to see what happens when youre back to being a a well oiled trick machine


I spent 20 minutes trying to get one that felt good and smooth to me. Lol so i’m was super pumped when i hit that one. And yeah, same man. I went back and watched my old videos scratching my head as to how the heck i did most of those. Lol i’m super hyped on throwing again we’ll see what happens. Oil is def needed though.


Bro! Welcome back!

Thanks dude! So goad to be back. I’mma try and stick around for a while this time.

The end of this video is one of the biggest reasons we all love and practice this hobby. Well done bro!

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