After watching this video…
I told myself that I won’t try 5A!!!

(laxdude99) #2

He tried some risky tricks but I don’t if I wouldn’t do 5a because of that


haha just did these tricks i think i might do them on stage i was using a mint yuuksta also lol.


That poor guy :-\ . Stage fright is a terrible thing. My bud winds up his yoyo the exact same way.

(Mi) #5

I dont think that ridiculing someone in this manner is going to help anything. Why did you post this video? Like, really. I don’t get people sometimes. Being on stage is way different.


yeah. i bet he knew what to do in his head, but the stage fright scared him. it is kinda sad. but i am not going to lie, it is kinda funny :-\


When i do a small presentation (nonyoyoing) for the whole class my hands shake SSSSOOOO much. I can do a trick a million times by myself, but the second i show someone i screw up


I would probably get the worst stage fright. When I play in front of camaras when filming a video I screw up a lot of trick even a trapeze.


I feel the same way also…

But when friends cheer you up… Your confidence builds up… And you’re back from being a beast!


I have to agree there might be a possibility they might post it on youtube :-[


i laughed.