hi guys have any of you used the shinwoo yoyo’s. I was browsing yoyonations store and they have a few models to choose from. the price is definitly cheap but what the heck is a rubber insert response system. is it o rings like my lyn fury or more like fricton stickers. any info on how they play would be helpful thanks guys

hey i have a shinwwo phantom

it plays pretty awsum
if you clean the bearing
it will get unresponsive

it vibes but dont let that get you down mine is only noticable when
i throw a bad well… throw

and the response on it is wierd
its kinda like rubber
but not like an o-ring

more of a k-pad look!

the string catches easy on the SP
ha i like abbriviating it because SP is the initials to my city
but any other questions dont hesitate to ask

thanks for the help dude I plan on getting one or two very soon

the silver looks awsum like a mirror

I use the shinwoo zen. They are good yoyos. There responsive systems do have sort of slipper binds. But my shinwoo zen is the most unresponsive yoyo i have in my collection which i like and it has really long grinds. It seems its hard to get a centered throw but when you do the spin time for me is like 1 min 45 seconds.

My friend has shinwoo zen 5. It plays really amoothly, but is really loud unless you lube it. It’s quite easy to catch but it hops on the grinds

I have both the Techno2 and the Zen5…LOVE THEM BOTH!!! The Zen is one of my main throws.