Shinwoo Zen 3

How does it play from a yoyoers perspective.

i’ve had one for about a month now and i’ts one of my main throws. It’s pretty wide so it doesn’t fit well in the pocket but boy does it play nice. very smooth on the string and the weight and the weight distribution is dead on for me. If your not careful the first little bowl shape can cause some tilt but can also be used to corect it very easily(I’m quoting on that one). the irg is nice but definitly hard to catch. it grinds well but not for extremely long(i can pull of 2 short grinds on a throw and still keep going). the shape takes some getting used to but it’s worth it. the choice of response is awesome so many different ways to set it up. I use one flat sided blue pad and one red o-ring and the yoyo is dead unresponsive but provides nice tight binds(I have cleaned the bearing too). the price is awesome at 45$ and I would highly recomend adding this one to anyones collection