She Said Saranghaeyo Oppa


With humid and hot weather comes crappy yoyoing.
Didn’t want to trash it though, i liked the editing too much.
Thanks for watching!



what yoyo is that?


Try to wear a darker shirt when you film a video. It makes it alot easier to see the tricks.


Yeah I was going to say that also.

(Alex Fairhurst) #5

What’s the deal with the hair thing in the beginning?

Also, I see you found the pink dress shirt. Gotta wear that when we go out sometime so we can hit up the ladies.


As if yoyos weren’t enough to pick up chicks.

(Alex Fairhurst) #7



RecRev 33 1/3

I know this but i didn’t realize my shirt was going to ruin it until after i had watched the footage and i didn’t feel like re-filming since it was so humid and hot. So eh like i said i didn’t want to completely trash it.