share some weekend yoyo practic pics


Practic more an more yoyos…
We’d really like out door sports and practic in the park, on grass and everywhere…haha
doodle wall as background,so cool!
what’s more:


From everyone in the community- we really appreciate you taking the pictures and the time to make this thread, but I would say that

50% are too lazy
20% don’t have a good camera
20% are busy
10% scared of being shot down.

In light of this, can I include a weekend training video?


Me at Ohio States

Some of you might remember me.


Noonar, what yoyos did you use to compete? I see a Rally as a backup, but what was your main? Oh yeah, and nice shoes!


Thanks, I love my DC kicks.

When I competed, I started off with the Rally, then Traded out to use the Zeekio Core.

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I take practice pics!

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68% of figures are made up on the spot…


I thought it was 85%

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Stats aren’t exactly the topic of this thread. It’s whatever though.