Shamelessly plugging myself!


Hey everyone! I’ve had my channel for quite a while, but after a long hiatus, I’ve just recently begun uploading again. However, if you’re hoping for yoyo videos, you’ll have to look elsewhere! I throw at least once a day, but I’m nowhere near video material, so I’d rather not waste your time when you could be watching the many other talented throwers of the world.  ;D

But! If you’re interested in gaming or philosophy (OR BOTH!), I’d really appreciate it if you would check out my channel. I aim to upload a variety of video game related content (reviews, walkthroughs, tutorials, etc.), but in my newest series I present gameplay while discussing interesting philosophical concepts such as the existence of God, time, personal identity, and lots of other things! I’m currently pursuing a degree in philosophy as well as a certification in technical and professional communications, so hopefully I can share some of my knowledge with you and provide you with a tad bit of entertainment.

I’ve provided a link to the first episode in my newest series below. If you’re offended by “mature” language, here is your warning! Otherwise, thanks for watching guys!


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